The Deep Ocean!
Basically this wiki is all about the deepest parts of the ocean that some people call the the abyss. I will start of with the basics. The 4 main oceans are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic oceans. The Pacific ocean is the biggest ocean of them all because it covers 63,800,000 sq. miles of the earth! The Pacific ocean is the second biggest and it is growing bigger because the pacific is shrinking. The Indian ocean is very small but it has the deepest part of the ocean called the Marianna trench.Oceans animals are 3 different groups called the plankton, neckton and benthos.

Epipelagic Zone
This Zone of the ocean is the top layer of the ocean that has most of the ocean life. The water is warm here and the sunlight is perfectly visible for about 600 feet. If you see plant life in the ocean then this is the zone your in because this is the only zone plant life is in. There are sharks, tuna, mackerels, dolphins, whales, turtles and many other varieties of fish that live in this area. Some of the fish evolve a camo because this part of the ocean is very open for predators.

Mesopelagic Zone
The mesopelagic zone goes down about 3,300 feet and some sunlight can be seen in the water but not enough for plants to grow. It can be called the Twilight zone sometimes. The animals that live here have to survive super cold temperatures and alot of pressure. Some of the fish have very big eyes because it is pretty dark in this zone. But some fish in this zone can make there own light. Some of the fish have big teeth and mouths to help them catch their food.

Bathypelagic Zone
This zone is mostly called the midnight zone because no light is seen from here. There is no plant life. It is freezing and completely dark.The water pressure here will kill a human being without special equipment which we do have.There is very weird organisms here like Vampire Squid, Giant squid, amphipod, oarfish and angler fish. Some fish that live here dont even have eyes(that must suck) and there is lack of food here.

Abyssal Zone
The Abyssal zone is the second deepest part of the ocean. It covers 85% of the ocean basin. This area is made sediments like sand and dead . There are currents here that can go 50 miles per hour. Most ocean life lives on the bottom of the ocean floor and some burrow into the ground. There is squid, angler fish, heart urchins, sand dollars and some more. There are common swimmers in deep waters like Angler Fish and Hatchet fish. Both of these fish can produce light. Tripod fish also live here.
Hadal Zone
This is the deepest part of ocean and it is completely dark.It is very cold and has alot of pressure.The rare sea life here have adopted to these harsh conditions. Some have reduced their use of eyesight but they do have eyes and they are very big. Most of the sea life here is red or pink colored because no red light makes it down that far.
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This is a type of eel.

A very, very scary deep sea fish.

This weird looking crab like sea creature can be found at the abyssal zone.
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Oceanic Provinces and Zones

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